HOOK FEE $20.00

2. All contestants at every event must sign a waver understanding that they are competing at their own risk and that they will not bring suit against any official, employee, promoter, and/or property owner. By signing the release form you agree to all rules set forth.

3. All vehicles must pass tech inspection before competing. If presiding officials determine a vehicle is unsafe, officials have the right not to allow said vehicle to compete. TECH INSPECTION AREA CLOSES 1 HOUR PRIOR TO START OF SCHEDULED EVENT.

4. All drivers must attend drivers’ meeting approximately 1/2 hour before the event is scheduled to start.

5. A vehicle cannot be registered after drivers meeting has taken place. UNLESS APPROVED BY OFFICIALS.

6. Only ONE driver and NO RIDERS will be allowed in a vehicle when it is being towed or driven while in pit area, staging area, or on the track.

7. All contestants must drive vehicle onto the track and into position to complete under its own power and must also leave under its own power unless breakage occurs.

8. All pulls must start with a tight chain. No jerking of any kind is permitted. Vehicle must remain within boundaries of the track or the puller will be disqualified.

9. Puller will be allowed a total of two (2) attempts within the 75 foot mark to start the sled. Test puller may drop six (6) positions.

10. Puller must wait for green flag from starting flag man before starting the pull. Leaving the starting line while under the red flag will be an automatic disqualification. NO EXCEPTIONS!

11. Driver must stop immediately upon signal of red flag from flag man.

12. Competition vehicles must be operated in a safe manner AT ALL TIMES within the confines of the track, the pit area, and the staging area. Track officials have the right to stop and disqualify any vehicle which is being operated in a reckless manner. PIT AND STAGING AREA SPEED LIMIT 5 MPH.

13. A contestant and his crew will be disqualified for either emotional or physical reasons by the Competition Director or track officials. EXAMPLE: reckless, the consumption of drugs or alcoholic beverages, being either on said premises or prior to or during event. DRIVERS WILL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR THE ACTIONS OF THEIR CREW.

14. If any vehicle or driver is disqualified, there will be NO refund of entry fee.

15. One four-barrel carburetor maximum. NO TURBO CHARGERS, SUPERCHARGERS, OR FUEL INJECTION ALLOWED, unless stock for make and model of vehicle.

16. Track officials will have the option to check competitors for weight and rule violations at any time during the event. Contest will be governed by track officials and Competition Director with all decisions final.

17. The Promoter or Competition Director reserves the right to change any safety rules or any rules in general, if they feel there is a necessity to do so.

18. FUEL: Pump gasoline only. All forms of nitro as a fuel additive is illegal. Nitrous oxide or combustion accelerators are illegal. Diesel fuel permitted in diesel engine vehicles.

19. Hitch Height not to exceed 26” in height before, during, or after the pull. Draw bar must be a minimum of 36” from rear axle and not extend more than 6” under rear of vehicle. No chains or cable to be used as a hitching device. Draw bar must be rigid in all directions. (Street legal trucks: hitch may be adjustable, but must be supported by frame behind rear.)

20. No gas tanks, fuel lines or batteries allowed in cab of vehicle unless factory installed. If a fuel cell is used to replace original gas tank, it must be securely mounted in the bed of the truck.

21. Weights or ballast must be securely fastened (NONE TO BE INSIDE OF CAB). Stock class can put extra weight in bed of truck ONLY and must be secured.