Free Entertainment
Brain Wash Game Show's version of Family Feud
Egg Russian Roulette
Comedian/Magician Doc Swan
Dennis Cook Racing Pigs
Music by Cracked Walnuts
Mud Bog
Demolition Derby
Smoke and Speed Truck Pull
Farm & Garden exhibits
Wednesday is Kid's Day
Pie Eating Contest
Watermelon Eating Contest
Skillet Toss Contest
Toilet Seat Toss
Home & Arts Exhibits
Daily 4-H horse & livestock shows and exhibits
Horseback Barrel racing competition
Great Fair Food
Amusement Rides

Fair hours:
Tuesday 4:00 pm to 11:00 pm
Wednesday 1:00 pm - 11:00 pm
Thursday 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM
Friday 4:00 PM to 12:00 PM
Saturday 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Events for the 2017 Cumberland County Fair
Cracked Walnuts

Doc Swan

Brain Wash Game Show's version of Family Feud

Amusements of America
Amusements of America
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Amusements of America has provided thrills and fun for Cumberland County residents for thirty nine years at the Cumberland County Fair. Their midway is a vital component of the Fair's success. They pay strict attention to every detail in an effort to assure the Cumberland County Fair will provide all who attend with maximum entertainment.

Their fabulous flashing light and color displays, and exciting music combine to furnish the ultimate in thrilling carnival experience.

The Amusements of America midway includes a variety of the most popular carnival foods, tastefully presented to please every palate. They also feature games of skill and chance designed to suit players of all ages and interests.

Demolition Derby

1 : a contest in which skilled drivers ram old cars into one another until only one car remains running
.. 2 : something that resembles a demolition derby in destructiveness
There will be one Demolition Derby at this year's fair. Saturday night at 7:00 PM

Smoke and Speed Truck Pull

Truck pulling is a fine mixture of horsepower, traction, and chassis setup on a 2 WD or 4 WD vehicle that is attached by a heavy chain to a weight transfer sled. The idea is that in the start of the 200' pull, the weight (any where from 14,000 LBS - 50,000 LBS) is over the wheels and axles of the transfer sled while the flat steel plate is comparatively un weighted.

The further your truck pulls the sled, the more the weight sled transfers the weight box forward, from over the axles to the steel plate. By the end of the track, even the most powerful trucks will be stopped cold by extremely large force of drag created by the awesome amount of weight bearing down upon the plate.

Some trucks will break under the pressure, and you may witness drive-shafts and axles twisting into scrap metal as man and machine go to war, just to see who can get the best hook!

It is adrenaline, testosterone, and excitement.

Hill and Hole Mud Bog

Mud bogging has gone from back yard mud holes to events that host upwards of 40,000 people in a weekend.
It is no longer just a participant sport.

It has grown into a multi-million dollar spectator sport complete with high paying sponsors.

Our Mud Bog arena consists of three pits, one, two and three feet deep.
Each pit is separated by a hill.
Vehicles must traverse the pits and hills through very deep mud. The entry that travels the fastest is the winner.

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